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Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 3/2008

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Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng số 3/2008

GS. TS. Nguyễn Văn Phó, ThS. Nguyễn Xuân An
Một phương pháp phân tích mờ kết cấu,
KS. Lê Xuân Tùng
Một cách tiếp cận để tính tải trọng động đất bằng phương pháp phân tích phổ phản ứng theo TCXDVN 375:2006,
ThS. Nguyễn Trường Huy
Một số yêu cầu về khảo sát địa kỹ thuật phục vụ thiết kế và xây dựng công trình ngầm đô thị,
TS. Trần Minh Đức
Kết quả khảo sát một cự thạch Hàng Gòn,
TS. Phạm Văn Khoan, TS. Nguyễn Nam Thắng
Giới thiệu giải pháp chống ăn mòn clorua cốt thép trong bê tông ở môi trường biển Việt Nam bằng chất ức chế canxinitơrit,
ThS. Bùi Thị Thanh Huyền, TS. Hoàng Thị Bích Thuỷ, TS. Lê Thu Quý
Nghiên cứu sự làm việc của hệ anôt bằng lớp kẽm phun trên bề mặt bê tông trong hệ thống bảo vệ catôt,
ThS. Hoàng Anh Giang
Giám sát chất lượng xây lắp các bộ phận công trình có yêu cầu khả năng chịu lửa,
KS. Lê Văn Hùng
Giải pháp hợp lý khi chuyển trục lên cao trong thi công các toà nhà có chiều cao lớn,
KS. Ngô Văn Hiếu
Phương án quan trắc độ lún đê chắn sóng Dung Quất,

A method for structural fuzzy analysis (pp. 3-8)
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Pho, MEng. Nguyen Xuan An

In this paper, a new method for structural fuzzy analysis is proposed.
Analytical process include 6 steps, as follows: Structural Modelingà inputà structural fuzzy analysis à output à defuzzifier àapplication.
The analysis on the basis of the regression and fuzzy analysis is replaced by deterministic analysis.
To illustrate the proposed method, a simply supported beam is subjected to a concentrated live load P and a uniformly distributed dead load q is considered.

An approach to modal response spectrum method for determining determine earthquake load according to TCXDVN 375:2006 (pp. 9-12)

Le Xuan Tung
TCXDVN 375-2006: Design of structures for earthquake resistance is compiled on the basis of accepting Eurocode 8 to give supplementary or replace Vietnamese specific parts (National Annex–NA). Nowadays, we can forecast earthquake and build acceleration zoning map over the national territory. When applying the standard, the motion of the earthquake at a specific point on the surface is shown in elastic acceleration reaction spectrum. Reaction spectrum method (RSM) is applied effectively to analysis internal force and deformation in linear elastic behaviour of structure. The content of this analysis is based on the principle sum action from oscillation that is based on behaviour analysis of free oscillation composition.

Some requirements on geotechnical engineering investigation for designing and constructing urban underground structures (pp. 13-16)

MEng. Nguyen Truong Huy

For urban underground structures, geotechnical engineering condition pays  a very important  role in  designing,  constructing and exploiting. This paper presents some technical requirements concerning geotechnical engineering investigation such as  scope and volume of investigating work; the depth, position and distance of boreholes, and so on...

Investigation results of the Hang Gon stone tomb (pp. 17-21)

Dr. Tran Minh Duc

Stone tomb is a stone structure used to burry death body by ancient people. In Vietnam and many other places all over the world, there are many stone toms with an existing time up to thousands of years. The stone tomb in Hang Gon commune, Long Khanh town, Dong Nai provinve of Vietnam is the biggest tomb in the South-East Asia.
In this paper, the author presents the results obtained from an investigation of the Hang Gon stone tomb including: material’s compositions of the tomb, the environment around the tomb, and an impact assessment of the environment to the tomb. Investigated results will be used for the purpose of effectively restoring and  promoting the value this type of monument.

Introduction of chloride-induced corrosion protection solution for reinforcement in Vietnam marine structures with corrosion inhibitor of calcium  nitride (pp. 22-25)

Dr. Pham Van KHoan, Dr. Nguyen Nam Thang

In Vietnam marine environment, due to the hot-humid climate condition containing a high chloride ion content (Cl-), RC structures have been quickly corroding and destroying. Results of actual investigations show that  after a short time being operated, rusted reinforcements  (at different level) were found in marine structures. Therefore, the existing state of corrosion should be clearly understand and corrosion protection solutions should be found out.
In this paper, the authors introduce a chloride-induced corrosion protection solution for reinforcement in Vietnam marine structures with corrosion inhibitor of calcium  nitride (CN). The solution is extracted from results of a Minitrsy-level technical-economical project named “Anti-corrosion and protection of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in marine environment completed in November 2003.

Studying the behaviour of zinc layer spraying over concrete surfaces used as anodes in cathodic protection systems (pp. 26-30)

MEng. Bui Thi Thanh Huyen, Dr. Hoang thi bich thuy, Dr. Le Thu Quy

One of the most effective methods to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion is to use sprayed zinc layer as anodes in cathodic protection systems. This paper deals with a study on some spraying parameters and electrochemical behaviours of sprayed zinc layer onto concrete.
The results of research show that arc-sprayed zinc layer is deposited on the external concrete surface of specimens with the maximum bonding strength at the optimal sprayed technical parameters such as P = 4 atm, L = 20 cm and U = 16 V. Sprayed zinc layer over concrete surface can meet requirements as anodes in the cathodic protection system for steel in cyclically submerged concrete. Self-dissolved rate of the zinc layer at the wet period is few times greater than the rate at the dry period.

Quality supervising the fabrication of building components and products that own a fire resistance (pp. 31-37)

MEng. Hoang Anh Giang

This paper presents the concepts of fire resistance of building components and building products, major factors that may effect their fire resistance are mentioned as well. Moreover, this article outlines the relevant information should be applied during the execution of specific building component or product that is required a fire resistance.

Rational solution for transferring structural exes from ground level to higher levels in constructing buildings with big height (pp. 38-44)

Le Van Hung
In the world, there have been many tall buildings with heights up to 400-500m. However in Vietnam the tallest one is only 120m high. It insinuates that Vietnam is in the biginning period of constructing building with big height. Therefore, there are so many subjects relating to this matter that should be sudied and applied.
In this paper, the author presents the selection of solutions (methods) for transferring structural exes from ground level to higher levels in constructing buildings with big height in order to ensure that the vericality of the building as well as the exact location of the building items are satisfied. Three methods for transferring co-ordinates from ground level to higher levels are presented and compared in the paper, using theodolite, total station and GPS technology. By comparision advantages and disadvantages of these methods, the paper shows the way to select the best rational solution (method) for  surveying when constructing buildings with big height in the conclusion.
Settlement monitoring solution for the Dung Quat break-water (pp. 45-51)
Ngo Van Hieu
Dung Quat break-water is one of the important construction items built in the Dung Quat bay. According to the soil investigation results, the geological conditions of the soil in the bay is very complicated so the break-water is susceptible to settlement during being constructed as well as operated. In this paper, the author points out the settling causes, the settlement constituents of the break-water (settlement of the soil and that of materials) and proposes a settlement monitoring solution that is considered to be the most suitable for the break-water. The solution was approved by the Dung Quat refinery project Management Board and is has been being applied.

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